Mistakes- Part Three- Fashion


Last week I wrote a post and flimed video about the most commonly made make-up mistakes, as part of a series that I have split in to three parts. The second of which, and today’s post is about the most commonly made fashion mistakes!

Mistake One- Clothes that don’t fit. 

  • I have made this mistake so often in the past, but I have learned that hard way that clothes are better of fitting than not. Unless you are making some sort of fashion decision, of course. On many occasions I have shied away from picking a certain size for fear of others seeing, only to get home and never wear it because it is too tight. Tip- Get the size that fits, and if it makes you feel better then cut the label out. You are better off buying a size that fits and a size that you can wear! Tip 2- This tip specifically applies when it comes to trousers or jeans, because it will ensure you don’t get the dreaded muffin top.

Mistake Two- Too much “bling”

  • Less is more. In this case it most definitely is because too much jewelry is just a huge no-no. I tend to avoid wearing earrings and necklaces at the same time and particularly avoid wearing a matching set! I switch it up and sometimes were earrings and bracelets, sometimes rings and a necklace, etc. Tip- Coco Chanel famously said- “always take off the last thing you put on”. Apply this to accessories, NOT clothing.

Mistake Three- Peek-a-boo leggings.

  • See through leggings. It really frustrates me when you can see through someone’s leggings, I just want to tell them but I don’t have the guts, but please people check before you go out. Tip- If your unsure, then wear black underwear that way your safe!

What are fashion mistakes do you hate

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