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Mistakes- Part One- Make-Up


So here’s me, posing like a pro and show off my now developed make-up techniques…Jokes, because let’s be fair we are all guilty of making some serious make-up mistakes! Growing up, make-up is very much about experimentation, making the mistakes and learning what works and what doesn’t, but by the time your my age, the mistakes are far harder to make.

This is the first of a three part blog and youtube series, where I am going to be offering my top tips on how to avoid the most common make-up, beauty and fashion mistakes.

So as just mentioned this is going to be divided in to three sections, the first of which is going to be about those dreaded make-up mistakes. There are lots of different mistakes out there so I am just going to talk about the one’s that I am guilty of making or that are particular pet hates!

I have picked my top 5 and I have included a picture of moi modelling the said mistake to illustrate my point.

Mistake One-Foundation– There are so many way to get foundation wrong, whether it be colour, texture or application, and it is therefore the easiest to mess up. I’ve learnt the hard way as I explain in my video, and can therefore offer some personal tips.

  1. Get matched. Now this is a lot harder if your choosing from the high-street, but with the luxury brands it is really worth asking for an assistant to match you. However this is not the be all and end all, and I suggest that you do one thing before you decide to purchase it- test drive it. This sounds silly I know, but go out in to the natural light and check it out in a number of different mirrors, and see how you feel about it then. If you still like it then you should purchase it but if you don’t then go back and explain to the sales assistant why, they might be able to recommend something else.
  2. Mix the perfect colour. If tip number one is too late and you’ve already bought a shade too dark for your skin, then do not panic because there are ways around it. Take a shade that is your colour and mix the darker one with it, start with one pump but maybe move to two.
  3. Check it! Ask someone you live with, whether that be a friend or family member, to check and make sure that you have no lines or un-blended patches.

Mistake Two- Blush. I love blush, who doesn’t, it adds the perfect healthy flush to your cheeks but too much really make you look quite silly.

  1. Colour. Like foundation certain blushes suit certain skin colours and it’s really important to find the right colour group for you. My skin (neutral pale) looks best with a powder pale pink or peach toned colour, but red and bright pink colours look really garish and horrible.
  2. Sweep. I suggest that you start by using a tiny amount of blush, and slowly build it up to suit the colour that you want. Remember that you can always add more but it’s a lot harder to take any away.
  3. Blend. I like to use my foundation brush of choice, mine is he Real Techniques Buffing Brush to dab foundation over the top of the blush, because it makes it look far more natural.

Mistake three- Lip Liner. I tend to avoid using lip liner for this key reason, but used correctly and there is no real issue.

  1. Only use it if you need too!
  2. Whole Lip. There is only one lipstick that I really use liner with, and that’s the NARS BLKR 413 lipstick and with it I use the Maybelline Coloursensational in Midnight Plum. First I line the outline of my lips using the liner, and then I colour the whole of my lip in using it too and then lastly I coat my lip in my the lipstick. Lining the lip, all of it, with this pencil, means that there is no line or gap between the liner and the lipstick and hence no dreaded lipstick line!
  3. Matchy, matchy. Match your lip liner to your lipstick exactly, or as near enough as possible. They don’t have to be the exact same brand, see my earlier example, but they should be the same colour. In the above picture I am wearing the liner and lipstick just mentioned as you can see there is no difference. If you watch my video that is linked to this post, you will then see theses both swatched!

In the video with the same name, I have included two further “mistakes” but I don’t want to make this post too long! I hope this helped!

What make-up mistakes do you have?

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