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I’m always on the look out for new healthy eating programmes and for programmes that are versatile and suit my lifestyle, but when I first heard of Juice Plus in the summer of 2014 it’s safe to say that I was skeptical. I assumed that it was another faddy diet, a here-now-gone-tomorrow kinda deal and immediately wrote it of as a waste of time. Yet one conversation with an already converted relative and it’s safe to say that I was more than curious and I immediately placed an order.

I quickly adapted to the change of lifestyle, I worked hard and saw amazing results and since then everything that I previously believed has been proven wrong. There is so much more to the Juice Plus programme than what meets the eye, it’s different to the other generic diet alternatives and offers an amazing variety of products for a huge variety of needs.

If your this reading blog then you probably found it on social media and it’s therefore possible that you’ve already heard of Juice Plus but if you hadn’t it’s very likely that you soon would have, because Juice Plus is a fast growing business. There has to be a reason for that right? It’s because Juice Plus offers a unique and healthy service, a service not quite like anything else out there.

So if your looking for more information or considering placing an order, let’s bust two of the most common myths and misconceptions that exist about Juice Plus.

It’s a faddy diet // People who make this common presumption tend to have little understanding about the products, the programme or the brand and tend to assume it’s like the thousands of other programmes that we regularly see slated in our media. They fail to understand that thousands of people are using Juice Plus to better balance their diet, to ensure that they are getting the nutrients that their bodies need and in some cases it’s even been using for weight or muscle gain. It’s probable that many of these people have seen people’s weight-loss journeys being shared on social media and are yet to have been exposed to the full range of products, especially the Juice Plus capsules were are the best on the market. They mistakenly assume that Juice Plus is a diet business, when in actuality its a health and fitness company. (Take a little look at these video’s for more information- the shakes and the capsules).

The capsules are a diet pill // There are many people who believe that the Juice Plus capsules are actually a diet pill and therefore assume that they have some nasty chemicals in them. This is completely untrue and a misrepresentation of the purpose of the product. While many of those taking the Juice Plus programme are seeing weight-loss, it is just one of the incredible results from taking the capsules and not the sole purpose. Currently it is estimated that 90% of the British public are not getting the full nutrients that is recommended to keep our bodies going and the capsules are designed to bridge this gap. They are not a replacement but a supplement, a way of ensuring that your fuel your body as it should be. As a result of the extra nutrients, thousands are seeing their skin improve, their nails strengthen and their hair quality improvement. All because of the nutrients provided. (Take a look at these video’s for more information- on how the capsules are made and how they are bridging the gap).

If you want more information, please drop me an email at kcpage21@gmail.com

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