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Meme 2

Earlier this month the kind people at Memebox sent me a second box to review for you all, so as it was late and I wasn’t in the mood to write the hard hitting feminism article that I had planned, I decided that tonight was a “memebox” kind of night.

You might remember that I was I was previously sent a Memebox to review, so I won’t spend too much time writing about the brand in detail again, instead I just wanted to share my basic thoughts on the items in the box. This time I was sent the Memebox special 43 K Stlye 3 box.

Alas this post is going to be largely lacking on the photo front due to technological issues, but in the name of blogging I intend to power through. i’ll end ever to upload some pictures at a later date.

Anyway without further ado….

  • Secret Kiss, Face Fit Strobe Cream (Full size, $11).
    • Smells like a moisturiser
    • Use like a primer
    • Has tiny particles of glitter
    • Definitely brightens the skin but does nothing to the pores.
  • Vella, Flower Flower (Full size, $26).
    • Slight smell
    • Pretty coverage, better than other BB Creams
    • Has colour correcting particles and lessened the redness
  • Tonymoly, 7 days tattoo eyebrow 02 dark brown (Full size, $8)
    • Perfect colour for me
    • Excited to try a new eyebrow product
    • Leaves creamy lines
    • Easier to apply
    • Natural
  • Style Y, Soft Fit Mix and Match pencil and powder shadow (full size, $9)
    • Double side pencil, one has a pencil and one has a little tub of powder
    • The liner is really creamy and easy to blend
    • The liner is a luxe, on trend glittery brown
    • The shadow is a peachy, barely there shadow
    • I love the liner but am not sold the shadow
  • Style , Colour Fit Creamy Lip and Cheek (full size, $13)
    • I wouldn’t use the word “creamy”, it is thicker than benefit tints but not quiet a cream
    • It is far too pink for my lips or cheeks
    • It is really thick and doesn’t really work as a gloss
    • Highly pigmented
    • The colour is just ghastly, child like and too pink for me.
  • Colour World, Jewelish Stick Shadow (Full size, $13)
    • This pencil eyeshadow is filled to the brim with product
    • Its a gorgeous, season perfect emerald green
    • Lots of shimmer

Sorry that it’s not the best post I’ve written but sometimes you just aren’t in the mood!

Back tomorrow!!


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  • Reply Laura Haley November 9, 2014 at 6:32 pm

    I’ve got my first Memebox on order. I went for a restock of the first Cutiepie Marzia box as there’s a few things I know I want to try in there x

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