Maybelline Brow Satin review


My eyebrows are defiantly having a bit of a moment in my make-up routine and since having them shaped earlier this month, I’ve been dedicating extra time to their maintenance and overall appearance. Last week I blogged about my previous product experiences and while I am still happy to profess my love for Soap and Glory Archery, I am always looking to shake up my make-up draw. So continuing with the brow theme, I was really excited when I noticed Maybelline’s new offering this week and was really excited to give the BrowSatin a go.

In the past me and Maybelline’s relationship has been pretty hit or miss, I love their lipsticks and mascara’s but detest their blushes and bronzers. And as I mentioned last week if my relationship with Maybelline’s previous brow products was a relationship status, it would definitely be “complicated” as I hated their most recent drop (BrowDrama).

I like products that are quick, easy and do the job with minimal hassle, so eyebrow pencils tend to work really well for me, so I knew immediately that my relationship with the BrowSatin was likely to end well. This product is heavenly and I have immediately fallen in love with it.

Similar to Archery this is a double ended product and is designed to be a multitasker with the single aim of giving you the brows that your heart desires. The one side is a gorgeous brown wax, perfect for filling in your gaps, while the powder on the other end is perfect for adding definition or fullness. And wow does this product do the job.

The colour is absolutely perfect for me and I already prefer it to archery. Soap and Glory archery is perfect for adding natural, subtle definition but this bad boy is definitely more obvious. It manages to remain natural and yet adds far more definition and fullness than any product I’ve tried before.

This product is an absolute winner and has fast become my go to preener, it’s worth every penny of it’s small £5.99 price tag. I can see this fast become a hughstreet favourite in the blogging world and I suggest you pick one up as soon as it hits your local Boots.

Have you tried it?


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  • Reply marie January 14, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    nice review ! I do agree I like mascara and Maybelline lipsticks …not so much the rest .

    • Reply Kay Page January 14, 2015 at 2:46 pm

      I love the Rocket 🙂 thank you xxx

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