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*This post was sponsored and I was sent these items to review. 

In the grand scheme of things Mary Elizabeth is a new beauty success story and yet considering the short time in which they have existed, they can already attest to some pretty impressive beauty accolades. They’ve already won the award for ultimate natural beauty at the beauty bible awards and one look on the internet will tell you that they are set to make strides in the beauty world.

The concept for Mary Elizabeth was developed in 2010 when fonder Cecilia Rathe was diagnosed with skin cancer. As a trained aromatherapist Cecilia had a natural interest in natural skin care and the use of aromatherapy oils. Since then daughter and mother have developed their natural beauty brand, ensuring that their values and principles remain at the heart of what they do.

I love entrepreneurial people and I’m always excited by people that take an idea, a passion and decide to invest in making their idea a success. I’m even more excited when these individuals are women and as someone that is always the look out for exciting new cosmetics companies, I was thrilled to have been approached by Mary Elizabeth.

So a week or so ago I was sent two products by the company, the Juniper and JoJoba hand cream and the Spearmint and Tea Tree Nurture Balm and since then I have been using them non-stop. The Spearmint and Tea Tree Nuruture balm (£7.00, Mary Elizabeth) is an amazingly versatile product and it nutritious qualities nourish any of those pesky dry patches, whether it be lips, hands or cuticles. The lip balm like pot is perfect for on the go moisture and I’ve been carrying this in my purse for a quick boost. I am obsessed with the smell of this bad boy, it smells like the stick chewing gums that were all the go in the 90s and I love how fresh and clean it smells. It’s a thick, kinda lumpy consistency and while it definitely added nourishment I can’t say that I particularly liked it as a lip balm. Yet it has definitely been working wonders on my hands and nails, my nails have actually grown from all the cuticle massaging and they look so much nicer.

I have to admit that I’m not someone that takes huge car of my hands or feet but this week I made a conscious effort to really give the Juniper and JoJoba hand cream a whirl. The smell is delicious and I’m finding that to be a particular strength of Mary Elizabeth. This hand cream absorbs in to the skin like an absolute dream, it doesn’t leave any oil-like traces and leaves the skin feeling instantly better.

I loved both of these products and as a brand I find Mary Elizabeth to be really exciting and I can’t wait to see their product lines grow. In the meantime I am loving my softer cuticles and not loving the fact that my cousin has just stolen my hand cream!


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    I LOVE finding new products and companies! I’ll definitely check them out x

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