Making money online

Making money online

Making money online

It totally sucks when money is tight, it means having to prioritise things and this is something that I’ve never been good at. I’ve spoken about my debt free journey in the past and for a long time it was hit or miss as to whether I would actually get there or not.

I have got there and at times it’s been really hard but over the years I’ve stumbled upon a few things that you can do to compliment your income.

So these are my top tips on how to making money online.

Make money online

Depop it // I’ve been using DEPOP for the last couple of weeks and you wouldn’t believe how much stuff I’ve sold already and as a result how much money I’ve made. I’ve easily passed the £150.00 mark now, simply by selling old bits and bobs that I no longer want/need/use. I can’t believe how quickly my items have sold. It’s a seriously good way to have a good ol’ declutter while making some extra money on the side.

Offer freelance services // These days it seems as if every blogger is offering some kind of freelance service and why the heck shouldn’t they? But perhaps it’s worth considering other freelance platforms alongside using your own blog. There are quite a few out there these days but my personal favourite is People Per Hour. Anybody can join and advertise on there meaning it’s a really good way to sell your skills and expertise, somebody is looking for exactly what you can offer.

Offer to walk the neighbour’s dog // People are busy and ultimately the best services help people to save time, so speak to your neighbours and ask them if they need help with anything. They may say no but at least you’ll have put the feelers out there and ultimately you could make a few new friends to.

What else would you add to the list?

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