Make-up I want for Christmas 2014

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These days I find it increasingly difficult to fill my Christmas list, as a working adult that is now able to buy the things I want and need throughout the year, come Christmas I am left with little inspiration. Yet the one thing that always seems to dominate my Christmas list is the ever growing list of lustful luxury make-up items and this year is no different.

So after a year of new discoveries, a year of beauty blogging and beauty slogging, these are the make-up items that I would suggest you ask for and don’t worry, there are items for all budgets.

  • Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation (Boots, £33). The Chanel Vitalumiere foundation was without a doubt my favourite find of the year and is therefore number one on my make-up list. While this is definitely a luxury and not for everyone’s price range, I can honestly say that it is worth the price tag and you only require the smallest amount to achieve flawless coverage. It sits lightly on the scan and adds a natural, light finish and feel. However there is a perfectly good high-street alternative in the shape of L’Oreal’s nude magique foundation.
  •  Rimmel Provocalips (Boots, £6.99). If you missed my blog about these beauties earlier this week then I suggest you take a look because as far as I’m concerned, these are to the lipstick industry what sliced bread was to baking! I currently only own the one colour but have most certainly asked for the remaining variations for Christmas.
  • Soap and Glory Wonderbronze (Boots,£11.00). Last year it was the Bourjous Bronzing Primer but this year I found a new bronzer to take pride of place in my cosmetic collection and boy is it a good one. Since purchasing this multi-toned, shimmer bricked in June I have used it every single day and am still completely captivated! If this isn’t on your Christmas list…it flippin well should.

What are you asking for?

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  • Reply Laura Haley December 12, 2014 at 10:37 pm

    Provocalips are on offer in Asda at the min, £4.98 each, in case you want to let Santa know? X

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