Made in Chelsea Book Review

Made in Chelsea

Hey everyone, how are you?

I have a confession to make, I’ll tell you but you must promise not to tell anyone ok?

Made in Chelsea is my biggest guilty pleasure. For so many reasons I really shouldn’t like it but unfortunately I have been completely addicted since the first season. I’m not sure whether it’s the idea that you’re seeing how the other half lives or simply the drama that it provides, it really is an addictive delight!

Earlier this week, while preparing to mount to what was to be a really long train ride, I spotted the “Made In Chelsea” book in WH Smith and decided to pick it up as something to read on the journey. Unfortunately for me, there wasn’t an awful lot to read because it is simply a life and style guide, and therefore contains tips to help you love a “whaaa” Chelsea like life, but nonetheless I thought that I would review this for you.

The retail price is £14.99.

First Impressions

  • Let’s deal with the cover first because it really needs to be dealt with. I hate it, I really really hate it. Firstly of course there is the horrid green colour. I know that you should never judge a book by its cover but this really does look wrong, I feel like it should be the cover of a football annual or a golfing guide! The second aspect of the cover that I guess you could call “offensive” is the fact that it’s snakeskin! Snakeskin! Really?!
  • I like that the pages are glossy, they aren’t text heavy and it’s split into really easy to navigate sections.


The book is pretty funny and definitely for the Made In Chelsea fanatics out there, as it offers a really good insight into their life and offers advice for Chelsea wannabes. On the whole however it’s  pretty pointless, even if I did actually enjoy it (major cringe) but it probably wasn’t worth the money. However it did provide me with the perfect escapism on my long train ride and I probably will pick this up again at some point. 3/5

Have you read this? Are you a Made In Chelsea fan? If so, who is you favourite?

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