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Who doesn’t love having a summer glow, right? I mean it makes you look and feel both healthier and wealthier, relaxed as if you’ve had a month in Spain. Yet despite my love of a golden tan I tend to shy away from using the sun in a bottle, having seen far too many fake tan mishaps for my liking.  Yet a few weeks ago when I attended the bloggers hub event and was given a bottle of Madame Lala to review, I was really rather excited and couldn’t wait to give it a review.

This fake is relatively new to the market but already attests to having a number of celebrity fans and is slowly creeping it’s way in to this over saturated market. Currently available in a number of high street shops, this isn’t a cheep product and I must admit that it was extremely kind of the brand to provide me with a full size sample. While I am a fake tan sceptic, this product has a number of stellar claims and having read the press release I was desperate to give it a go.

The claims….

Madame LA LA Tan introduces ‘Old Hollywood’ glamour into the world of self­tanning for those who want an all­year­round, effortless LA glow with added anti­ageing skincare benefits and skin perfectors. Available in 2 shades tan and tan light the tinted lightweight mousse is a quick­dry DD Tan perfector (Dynamic do­all) formula infused with hydrating skincare benefits Coco Water, Green Tea and Aloe plus built­in skin finishing perfectors perfect for a winter glow. Containing a customised Los Angeles tan ensures your tan looks natural whilst adapting to your individual skin tone. Madame LA LA Tan develops into a light even golden colour in 3 hours lasting up to 10 days as if you have spent a week on Malibu Beach!

  • DD (dynamic­do all) works to perfect, hydrate, tone promoting longevity of tan Ultra­lightweight mousse application ensures smooth golden finish.
  • Quick­dryin 5­minutes lasting up to 10 days is rich in minerals adding in slimming improving skin tone and appearance of cellulite.
  • Added Coco Water hydrating formula softens and smooths skin to prevent streaking.
  • Anti­ageing benefits blur wrinkles and imperfections for a flawless sun­kissed glow.
  • Natural fade just like a natural sun tun suitable for all skin tones infused with Vitamin A antioxidant and skin­cell regulator.

Key Ingredients…

  • Coco Water Extract sourced from Baja California (Mexico) it hydrates the skin helping firm, tone and improve elasticity.
  • Vitamin’s A & E provide blurring technology to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles working together with
    Vitamin’s A (plumps collagen and elastin) & E (anti­oxidant) to perfect the skin.
  • Aloe Vera Plant Extract & Green Tea leaf Extract sourced from Baja California (Mexico) work together to intensively hydrate, reduce irritation and redness delaying skin ageing repairing sun damage.

Sounds good right? The verdict…

For someone that is both a tanning skeptic and novice, this is the perfect product as this light tinted foam is uber easy to use. it blends seamlessly, dries immediately and doesn’t leave you reaching for the hairdryer in a quick fix drying attempt. On top of all this, this product has the lightest of smells and smells more like coco butter than your usual tanning alternatives.

The end result is a well-blended, streak free and natural looking tan, that manages to avoid the dreaded “orange” disaster. I’ve only ever tried a few different varieties of fake tan in the past (fake bake being my favourite) but this is without a doubt my favourite and come summer I can see this becoming a staple of my beauty routine. In the mean time this makes the perfect Christmas present for a beauty obsessed relative and I will be ordering a few bottles for my nearest and dearest.

This is definitely a brand to watch!


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