MAC Monday Viva La Glam Miley Cryus and Heroine




I’m fairly new to the whole MAC lipstick thing, having lived off the high-street for many a year I was determined to avoid the buzz and quipped that £15.50 was faaaarrr too much to spend on a lipstick. You see I’m an incredibly impulsive person but more than that, I have a seriously addictive personality and I KNEW that I could never just buy one MAC lipstick. Oh no no no no, I would have to buy a whole heap of MAC lipsticks and I knew that my love affair with the high-street would be over. Sigh, so for many years I resisted but sometimes resistance is futile and ultimately I caved! So earlier in the year I purchased my first ever MAC lippie, Lady Danger and since then I have been completely and utterly hooked. I’ve picked up a fair few since writing that initial post, so you can expect many reviews over the coming weeks. In honour of this, I’ve decided to create a new series on my blog, MAC Mondays.

It’s definitely true what they say, once you go MAC you NEVER go back!

MAC Miley Cyrus Viva La Glam Miley Cyrus x // (£15.50, Mac) Pink is without a doubt one of my favourite lip colours and I can regularly be seen in Boots searching the shelves for new shades to add to my collection, simply look for someone getting swatch happy in the aisles! So what was my excuse on the occasion? I don’t yet own a pink MAC lipstick and I really needed one, every girl does. The formula of this lipstick is notably different from the other MAC’s in my collection, it feels lighter and it’s finish is much glossier almost giving a liquid lipstick effect. Pink is such a versatile colour, it’s easy to wear in the daytime and yet super chic at night so I always like to have one in my handbag (with a standard red too of course, ready for any emergency). This colour is no exception, it brightens the skin and adds a touch of glamour to even the most mundane of outfits. Sadly I think my much loved Rimmel Provocalips will be taking a back seat for the time being because for now this is going to be my “go to” pink. Sorry high-street, it was fun but now I’m done.

MAC Herione // (£15.50, MAC) It was only a matter of time before I got my hands on this hit or miss shade, I’d had my eye on it for the longest time imaginable but I wasn’t too sure about the colour. I guess purple isn’t the most traditional of lipsticks, it’s definitely a statement colour but ultimately it was a statement I wanted to make. I love dark, berry type colours and I treated this lippie in the exact same way, minimal make-up and I let this playful colour do all the talking. Heroine is what I would call a “true purple” colour and I have to confess that I quite like it, it’s fun, unique and definitely one to make you stand out from the crowd and it’s consistency is as long lasting as you would expect. The major downside to this hue is it’s limited versatility because while this colour is perfect for shopping with friends or a dramatic evening look, it’s not yet an acceptable office shade. Yet I wouldn’t let this hold you back because this colour is everything that’s right with the make-up world, it’s fun and surely that’s what beauty is all about anyway?

P.S Keep your eyes peeled because later in the week I will be hosting another MAC giveaway (clue it will be Wednesday).

Have you tried these shades? What’s your thoughts? How would you wear them?


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  • Reply Jerica rotger-sims March 30, 2015 at 1:12 pm

    The Miley lipstick is really beautiful on you!

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