L’Oreal Glam Shine balmy gloss Review


You should all know by now that I am a massive fan of lip crayon’s and over the past few months I have tried the Bourjois, Rimmel and Revlon versions. So when I saw these beuaties in store, I had to give one a go. I picked up this pretty, blue-toned pink-purple, because I am still loving my berry-toned shades. The name of this colour is “Dare the Dragon Fruit”. Random name, but I love it.



  • Not sticky.
  • Ultra light.
  • Gloss and balm in one stroke.

First Impressions…

  • I am not that fussed on the packaging, simply because of the tacky looking silver lid. I’m not a fun of silver lids because they tend to get sticky finger print marks on it and I am really fussy about that.
  • The second thing I notice is the colour, once swatched and held up to the light, isn’t true to the packaging and is a much pinker tone. It is also EXTREMELY shimmery and as you can see from the pictures above there are some massive pieces of glitter in the crayon and on the swatch. This frightens me somewhat….



  • So as you can see, it looks a lot better on my lips and the colour is definitely more wearable than I first thought.
  • An immediate concern of mine is still the glitter because it makes my lips look almost flakey and dry. These are more like the Bourjois Colour Boost’s in texture, but where as the Borjois version IS glossy, this is more of a shimmer than a gloss. I much prefer matte to shimmer, and my favourite lip crayon is the Rimmel version because while it dries matte, it still mosturises the lips.
  • It lasts for about 3-4 hours before requiring another coating, and it is really light on the lips. It definitely isn’t sticky which is a massive plus and it leaves my lips feeling fairly nourished.

Verdict- I’m not sure what to say really, but I am pretty disappointed with this. The colour is still nice, but I wanted a more purpled tone product, and I am not a fan of the massive amounts of shimmer incorporated. It feels quite childish almost, like the lipsticks you had when you were a child or something barbie would wear. It definately lives up to it’s claims that it nourishes, feels light and isn’t stucky, but for me the glitter has been over done. It is therefore more of a shimmery shimmery product than a gloss. I like it is a lip balm but not as a colour, and I won’t be repurchase or buying anymore of these.

Have you tried these?

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