Life’s Golden Moments…


Life can be pretty difficult sometimes, it’s fleeting nature and it’s vulnerability are ever present in our day to day psyche and sometimes we have to question our purpose. Why is it that life is cursed with such horrible life events, decisions and why are we such a thinking-feeling species? It can make for a confusing world that’s for sure, but sometimes we have to forget about all that. To forget about the negative and to remind ourselves that life definitely has it’s amazing moments, incidents that make you smile and make you feel incredible.

Share moments. Some of the best moments in life are those that we all experience together, whether it be the shared experience that comes after a tragedy or even from watching a film.

Mutual feelings. There is nothing more special than knowing the person that you love is in love with you too and that kinda feeling is definitely one of life’s best.

When you have money than you think. When you go to check your balance at a cash point and instead of having £60.00, which you expected, you have £600. Now where was it that you saw that handbag you wanted?

When something is cheaper than you think. You pick up a top in New Look that you’ve been crushing on for the longest time imaginable, it’s marked up at £12 but when the shop assistant zips the item through the till it actually comes up at £9.50. This is one of life’s winning moments.

Job well done. There are some jobs in life (I’m talking mundane household chores) that are simply a nightmare and so we put them off and put them off, until our dishes are literally crying out for us to put them away. Completing a task that you have been dreading is one of if not the best feeling in the world. So come on guys, eat a frog for breakfast!

What would you say are life’s golden moments?


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