Life and Blog Update!

Hey lovelies and how are you this fine day?

This is a very brief post, just to fill you in on some upcoming events that I have going on and also some posts that you can expect to start seeing in the near future! It’s not an exciting post, I just wanted to give you all a heads up in case there was anything of particular interest.

  1. Beauty products reviews and lots of them in the coming months. I will also be reviewing books and films too.
  2. I have just renewed my subscription to GlossyBox and have taken a new subscription with BirchBox, both of which I am extremely excited about! So I am going to be doing my own “unboxing” posts for you and then will be trailing the products that I receive for you beautiful people.
  3. A new feature that I am really excited to start with you next week, is my forward planning fashion post. So as that really doesn’t explain it very well, each month I am going to be telling you exactly what I will be wearing a lot of over the next month.
  4. I have several political conferences coming over the next few weeks and I shall be commenting back on them for you!
  5. There is going to be a lot more political updates in the coming months.
  6. So this is by far my most exciting update of all (for me anyway), I am about to launch a new campaign regarding the negative impact of the celebrity gossip magazines on women’s self-esteem (more to follow on this exactly in a few weeks). From here on in I am going to be doing a small analysis of these magazines each week and presenting the information that I find. It will all make sense in the future.

Anywhoo, in advance if you are reading my blog avidly then first of all thank you and I apologise in advance if there is a gap in between my posting as I just mentioned I am going to be here and there for various events.

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