Lessons you learn the hard way

Lessons you'll learn the hard way

I wrote a similar post a while back and since then there have been a few more lessons that I have learnt the hard way. I’m a huge believer in looking back on your life and assessing things as you go, so with this in mind, I decided it was time to offer an updated post.

So let’s get to it…

Negative friends are not worth having // I’m not talking about friends that are bluntly realistic (we should all have one or two of them) but I’m talking the kind of friends that always manage to make the conversation about them. The kind of person that can ruin the happiest day of your life by turning the conversation back to them. I get that some people have a hard life, I really really do and a good friend is someone who is there for all of that. Yet when a person spends 90% of the time talking about their life’s problems with no interest in yours, you know there is a serious issue.

Success is not success if you cheat your way there // We all know the kind of person that I am referring to, the type that gets to the top the easy way by stabbing other people in the back. Success is not an entitlement, it’s something that you have to work for, fight for and go out of your way to achieve. Real success comes when you can honestly say that you earned every part of it and managed to maintain your moral standards in the process.

Creativity comes when you least expect it // How many times have you sat down to write a poem, a blog post or to paint a picture only to find that your mind is completely and utterly blank? I have, it happens to me all the flipping time and it seems like creativity comes at the least appropriate times. Literally I have the best idea’s in the most random of places! However I have learnt to carry notebooks and paper with me so that when I do have an “inspired” moment, I can jot the idea down.

Re-read everything // Ok, ok, so I still make the occasion mistakes on twitter and my blog but I have learnt the importance of checking my posts before clicking publish. I’ve had two people publicly call me out for mistakes that I have made, it was embarrassing but it now means that I am extra careful with blog posts. Sure I still make the occasional spelling or grammatical mistake but at least I avoid them to the best of my ability.

All work and no play equals burnout // If you looked at my CV I expect that you would be pretty shocked by how many activities I get up to and more than once have I been asked how I manage it all. The truth is that I barely do, sometimes something (what “thing” varies from time to time) gives. Despite me trying my utmost, I am still human and sometimes I just need to switch off from the world, from my commitments and take a slight step back. This last week it has been my blog that has suffered, hence the lack of regular posts. I try my best to be superhuman but I’m not there yet.

People are drawn to confidence // I’ve met all of my exes at times when I have been confident and I’ve often been told that my confidence is infectious and attractive. When I’m confident I’m fun, kind, caring and ambitious but when I’m not I can be the total opposite. I might seem super confident at first but get to know me and it’s easy to see the real me, hidden underneath the disguise.

What lessons have you learnt the hard way?


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