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lazy girl

When it comes to skincare I have a tendency to be pretty darn lazy but I’ve recently been making a conscious effort to keep my skin looking it’s best. Since I changed my diet a few months back, I’ve seen vast improvements to the condition of my skin and I’m determined to continue with my progress.

I’ve always been a bit of a junk food lover but recently someone said something that really made me think. It’s really simple, obvious but one of those things that needs to be said for you to really and fully realise it.

What you put in your body this month is how your body will feel or look next month.

I really took this on board, cut down the junk in my diet and suddenly I was seeing huge improvements in my skin, let alone my productivity and energy.

So while I will never be someone that naturally follows a strict skincare routine or diet, I am making a conscious effort to look after it better.

You are what you eat // I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I am some huge health fanatic who only eats a plant based diet and is uber healthy all of the time because I’m far from it. I’ve tried being vegetarian (it lasted until 9am in the following morning when the smell of bacon entered my nose) and I’ve tried a plant based diet (too fiddly) and yet here I am still struggling to stay healthy still. Yet over the las three-four weeks I have been eating less sugar, less fat and generally more raw, unprocessed food sources. It took a while for the change to actually take effect but now my skin is clearer and those dry patches I previously moaned about have all but disappeared. I’ve also been taking Juice Plus Premium Capsules which are made from 100% natural sources and help bridge the gap between what we should be getting and what we actually are. These capsules have made a huge difference because my skin is finally getting the nourishment that it needs. Once upon a time these were the kind of things that I frowned upon but not any more, now I wouldn’t be without them. Eat clean, nourishing foods and you can expect your skin to mimic the results.

Water // Something that is closely connected to the above point, drinking water has really helped clear my skin. Every morning I make myself drink a litre of water with my capsules before I even think about breakfast or getting ready for the day. I distract myself by allowing that it for social media or news reading and before I even have time to think about it the glass of water is empty.

Routine // I function so much better when I’m working to a routine and yet that said, I actually find it really hard to create one! Skincare is no different but once I have one in place, I’m pretty good at keeping it!

Multi-tasker // The ultimate time saver in a bottle! What is not to love? A multi-tasker combines too steps in one making it the ultimate saviour for a lazy kinda girl!!

What are you like when it comes ti skincare? Are you a lazy girl like me?


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  • Reply Kay Page May 12, 2015 at 5:16 pm

    Ah thank you 🙂 I want to be healthy this time because its the first time I’ve actually noticed the difference 🙂 xxx

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