Launching the “I will” challenge…


Last week I suggested that too much ambition can sometimes lead to “brain fuzz” or that having too many goals can lead to utter self-destruction. I advised that it was best to keep to one goal at a time and asked the question – is it ever possible to be too ambitious? The result was a resounding no and many of you disagreed that ambition was ever a disadvantage.

This week I have really suffered with my anxiety. I’ve developed a really bad habit of letting my anxiety sabotage many opportunities and instead of fighting it head on I have let it get the better of me. In a way it amounts to a type of self-sabtoage, almost like I’ve come to expect little of myself.

However bad this habit is, and it’s pretty darn bad, this week something good has come from it- I’ve decided to change my life.

As I mentioned in the aforementioned and above linked blog post I have a lot of big ambitions and sometimes I can find them a little overwhelming. I’ve fast come to release that this is mainly because I try to do too many at one’s instead of just focussing on one at a time. So from here on in I’ll be doing just the one goal a month and I’ve decided to call it the “I will campaign”.

I’m sick of telling myself that “one day” I’ll do this or wishing for things to just happen for me. From here on in I will chase my goals, I will work hard to achieve what I want and I will believe that I deserve them.

One goal a month? Shouldn’t be too difficult should it?

So this month’s goal – to finally start (and hopefully finish) my novel. I love writing, I genuinely enjoy it and I really need to get better at relaxing. So this is definitely a good goal for me to have for the next month and next month I will report back on how it went

I will achieve my goals in my life, will you?

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  • Reply MurderOfGoths May 24, 2015 at 9:22 am

    I’ll just be over here cheering you on 🙂

    Fantastic idea, I often do the same, aim for so many things that I get overwhelmed and don’t manage to do any of them. I might join you in breaking things down a little bit, and stop setting myself up for a fall.

    Good luck with your novel sweetheart xxx

    • Reply Kay Page May 26, 2015 at 7:44 am

      Ah thank you for your comment! 🙂 It’s really easy to do isn’t it! xx

      • Reply MurderOfGoths May 26, 2015 at 12:03 pm

        It is, sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. But being aware of what we do gives us more chance of tackling it x

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