Labour Party Conference, Brighton 2013

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I don’t know if I have mentioned it on here before, but for the past four years I have been a member of the Labour Party, and this week I was very lucky enough to be a visitor at this year’s party conference, the beautiful Brighton. Now I only wanted to attend so that I could watch Ed Miliband’s speech, piped to be the most important of his career and only attended on the Monday night to Tuesday afternoon.

Politics seems so irrelevant to so many of the population and for various reasons I had been very disengaged with Labour for the last few months, but as I imagined would happen, conference has only reinforced my Labour values. Reminding me that despite my recent experience, there are some amazingly principled and awesome people still within the party.

I’m not going to go into a huge amount of detail regarding the new policy announcements in this post, I shall do that somewhere else at some point, but I just wanted to share with you the best bits and help you undrerstand why I am a bit of a Labour nerd.

The people that I got to meet…

This is probably one of the main reasons that I love the Labour party so much, meeting people that have the same principles and beliefs as you. Although I did bump into some old friends while out and about, I spent most of the conference with people I had never met in my life and come away seeing them as close friends. It reminded me that the Labour Party is on, at times dysfunctional family.

I also want to add that I met a number of Labour celebrities at the event too, I won’t name them but it was really great to see some famous faces.

Meeting the Kinnock’s

Ok so this should have been included below, but I feel that this is awesome enough to deserve its own little sub-heading. Neil and his wife Glenys were lovely, and I felt sad that he had never been prime minster.

Ed Miliband’s speech- Birtian we can do better

This was the main reason that I wanted to attend conference, and I am so glad that I did because it was something worth seeing. Ed, despite the other failings that people love to point out, is a really principled and intelligent man but he is also a fantastic speech maker. His speech was perfect, it pleased the party faithful while offering measures that will undoubtedly improve people’s lives. Once again daring to take on the big hitters of Britain (Murdoch, etc), Miliband announced a series of policies, all of which the party and public have been calling for. I went to the conference excited, but sceptical and slightly disengaged, I came away determined, motivated and excited to see where it goes.

Why I am a member of the Labour Party?

“I believe in absolute equality, for an economy that works for the workers and because it’s a lovely feeling to be a part of something so important”.

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