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So you all know that I am a Labour Party member and most of you will know that we are currently going through a leadership election. If you follow me on twitter then you might have realised that I’ve already declared my support for one particular candidate in the Labour leadership election. This is the first leadership election I’ve been involved with and I was expecting it to be a lot more exciting than it actually is but nonetheless I knew that for me it was between two candidates, I’ve chosen Yvette Cooper and I’ll explain why below.

A lot of people will be surprised to see that I’m not backing Jeremy Corbyn, a man who is definitely more on my political wavelength but I have some reservations about him and while I am definitely glad that he is on the ballot paper, I’m not sure I want him to be the next leaders just yet.

Anywhoo, I wanted to offer my thoughts on the candidates and the election so far. (In order of my preference).

Yvette Cooper // So I’ve had my eye on Cooper for sometime and I’ve always thought that she was a strong contender to be the future leader of the Party. Her performance in the Commons as Shadow Home Secretary is always one of a calm, collected kind of strength, the kind that makes for an amazing leader. The next leader has five tough years ahead of the them and at the end of that time they have to be the next Prime Minister. We need someone who’s resilient and who knows how to roll with the punches when the time comes. Yet more than this and something that and has become increasingly clear to me, we need someone who will unite the Party because at the moment we are oh so close to a schism. I think that Cooper will do just that because her centrist stance will bring both sides neatly together, ensuring that we are a fighting force for the next election.

Jeremy Corbyn // I was thrilled to see that Corbyn made it on to the ballot paper because it’s important that the Party left has a representative and as I mentioned earlier I agree with much of what he says. Yet my concern lies with what could happen should Corbyn be elected and while I would love to see the Party take a swift left turn, a significant number of people don’t want that and I fear that it could lead to a split. What we need right now is a candidate who can keep the party on the right track (I think Miliband was largely taking the party in the right direction) but keep the party united for the next few years and beyond. I’m glad he’s on the paper because he is forcing some awkward questions and engaging people who might not otherwise be engaged and I won’t be distraught if he wins hence I will be putting Corbyn second.

Any Burnham // I really like Andy Burnham and I can definitely see why people might want him to be leader but I can’t help but feel that there’s just too much baggage. His LGBT voting record is less than progressive and I feel that the leader should be the embodiment of what the Party stands for. I don’t want Andy to be leader of the Party but I want him to have a high ranking role and I reckon that a Cooper-Burnham offensive could be a winning formula.

Liz Kendall // I won’t spend too much time writing abut Kendall and why she won’t be getting my vote. I could go in to a lot of detail but to sum up she’s just too right wing for me.

So that’s my thoughts on the leadership contest so far, what are your thoughts?


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