Keeping Organised (Updated)


If you’re a regular reader of my blog (if not then there is an awkward elephant in the room) you will have noticed that the title of this post is somewhat different to normal as I usually do my “top tip” posts on a Thursday, not a Tuesday. You know by now that I schedule my posts in advance and I already have posts scheduled for the next two Thursday’s, so I’ve decided to move them around a little bit, to ensure these posts still get uploaded, I enjoy writing these posts and I hope that you enjoy reading them too. Now, on to today’s post.

I love being organised, which you most certainly know by now and I’ve written a post like this in the past, but organisation and the system that I personally use, is constantly changing. I try and shake mine up slightly every few months, but I’m currently using a system that really works for me and so naturally I want to show that off!

1- Find a diary and system that you enjoy using.

I’ve been trying to find the perfect diary for an awful long time, and over the years I’ve probably spent a fortune but I’ve finally found the one that suits my needs. I really loved my personal sized Domino in purple, but it was too small and so I decided to invest in a larger version. It’s exactly the same but red and is in the A5 size. So it’s pretty and I also have an effective system set up within it, meaning that I enjoy using it and therefore want to use it even more!

2- Sunday sit down!


I have a series of precise goals that I want to achieve for the year, which I have managed to put into easy manageable steps and from this I am able to create myself a weekly “to do” list. Every Sunday I sit down with my goal management pack (above), run through it and use it to set myself weekly tasks. I write these in their appropriate colour on a list as I find lists the most productive method (I love ticking things off).

I now have a set routine for my Sunday Sitdown Session:

  1. Find somewhere you won’t be disturbed and where you have the space to spread all your books out. Try your best to use this same time and space every week as your body will start to expect it.
  2. Have your diary and appointment calender at hand so that you can plan for any appointments that might potentially slow your list down. I always pencil any appointments in before I have confirmation, but on the Sunday I go through and write them in pen.
  3. Start by looking at your list from the week before and list anything that you failed to get done,  putting any urgent tasks at the very top.
  4. While making your list be sure to reference your goals and consider what you can do next to achieve them.

Top Tip- Variety is crucial when your making a “to do” list and try to incorporate all areas of life. I split my list in to categories and try to ensure that each section has at least two items. Sometimes this isn’t possible, but where it is, I find it far more effective. Also limit your list and be realistic about it, your probably not going to be able to get 30 tasks done, but maybe you can manage 20.

3- Colour Map


I love using certain colours for certain topics because it means that everything is separated and easy to spot. I use these colours for everything, to do lists, appointments and goals.

What are your top tips for organising?

I’m setting up my own etsy shop with customisable filofax inserts, let me know if you would like to see anything included.

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