Keeping good friends


Keeping good friends is pretty much the same as looking after a plant, it requires just the right amount of everything and it is sometimes a complicated balancing act. Yet get it right and those friendships could last you a lifetime.

I’ve learnt the hard way that good friends are hard to come by and when you do find them it’s essential that you hold them close, nourish the relationships and at least attempt to make the balancing act work.

Most of my close fiends are people that I’ve met through university or my political and union activities but this also means that they tend to live miles and miles away, making it far from ideal. I’m someone that loves to be around people and I’d like to see these friends every weekend but with us all living increasingly busy lives it’s something that is pretty much impossible.

I still struggle to get the balancing act quite right but I have a learnt a few lessons along the way. So these are my tips for keeping good friends and maintaining good friendships.

Half the world way // Gone are the days when you had to use a pigeon and a piece of paper to stay in touch and these days connecting with faraway friends is ten times easier than it ever has been. The chances are your friends are on at least one of the social networking sites so make sure that use this to your advantage. Regularly check in on them, send them a little message or tag them in a nostalgic post. It’ll never be the same as spending quality time with them but it can bridge that gap in the short term.

Schedule calls // Similarly to a plant it’s easy to let friend time slip to the sideline especially when trying to manage your family, career and everything else that it is thrown in the mix. Yet scheduling regular catch up sessions is essential to nurturing your close friendships. If you are feeling particularly flushed for time or are longing to connect with a friend, why not make it Skype or face timing session?

Birthdays // Nothing makes you feel closer to an old friend than receiving an out of the blue card or gift from them. It’s always nice to know that they are thinking about you or you are thinking about them and will make them feel a lot closer than perhaps you might geographically be.

What are your tips for keeping up good friendships?

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