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Here we go again…….

I’ve mentioned this before (I then deleted the post out of frustration and embarrassment) but I really want to start eating and being healthily because when I am working out and eating cleaner, I always feel at my best. I love running, I love the buzz and clear that excising gives you and I really love feeling healthy!

I’m one of these on/off diet people but even if I go through weeks of health, eventually I tend to fall back in to old habits and undone all the good work I’ve done. Sigh. I don’t know why because I am really determined when I first start.

I’m an incredibly ambitious person, I regularly plan my goals, and I always put losing weight and running 5k at the top of the list. Yet I never seen to do it….until now!

I was really inspired by Beth’s post, over at Beauty in Beta (one of my favourite blogs), regarding her plan to start being healthier and I decided that I was going to join in with this awesome hashtag. I’ve sent my self two goals and over the next few month’s I am going to keep you all updated on this (I’m going to try and do this weekly) and then you can help me get there! Each week I will record the exercise I’ve done and what progress, or lack of, has been made!

I thought today would be a good time to start because I am away for the weekend at a conference. Naturally that will involve a lot of networking and potentially a few glasses of wine, but the hotel I’m staying in also has a gym and hence there is literally no excuse for me to NOT start!

I’m going to be doing what Beth is doing and using my instagram to show my meals and progress! I’ll also be doing this in conjunction with my bestie over on her blog and instagram.

Let’s do this!!

If you have any tips or want to join in then please let me know?

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