(Lipstick is Maybelline Color Drama)

Oh hello there! Don’t worry it’s not an imposter, it’s me and I’m back!

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been rather quiet lately, so I thought that I would just check in with you all.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been really struggling with my motivation, we all have dizzy spells and this is one of mine. I’ve just been feeling really down and needed to take a step back. Some stuff happened and then something excited happened and then it didn’t happen and it just left me feeling, well sad.

But anywhoo I am back and back with more passion and motivation than ever! I am going to work my butt off too build the life I really want to lead and have taking this time to remind myself of my goals. I decided to use it as an opportunity to re-plan what I m going to do from here on in and how I am going to work harder.

So today I am setting myself 10 things that I can do to start to improve my life, 5 this week and then 5 next week.

This is something that has been brewing for a long, long time because I am really unhappy with how things are going. I’ve been stuck for many a month and this was a bit of a kick up the bum for me.

Setting myself “monthly goals” has never really worked, I guess that they seem a bit overwhelming. So by setting myself 10 key things to do I think I might see a positive change and hey ho, I’m up for trying anything to change it all!

So just a quick update post but lots of content coming in the next few weeks!

Why don’t you join me?


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