June Favourites


This month you lucky readers get two chances to see my June favourites because not only have I written this post but I’ve also filmed a youtube video, so please go check that out. You’re missing out on all of the fun!!!

I am really getting good at these favourites posts aren’t I? So far I have managed to write one every month! Go Kay! However there are some products that have featured in a few favourites- blogger fail. Yet as I was filming my first favourites video I decided that it was ok to have an overlap because some of the products are much loved and they needed that extra mention! However I won’t bore you by reiterating things I have said about these bits in the past so I’ll skim over them!!

Let’s get to it.

June Favourites


MAC Brave // Surely this isn’t a surprise to regular readers because I absolutely love it! Full review can be found here.

MAC Candy Yum Yum // Summer calls for a bold lip and this year I have gone for a pink shade. I have already reviewed this, the full review is here.

Topshop Infared // This orange-red is one of my current every day choices because the shade is super flattering and uber easy to wear. I love wearing this on my lips at the moment, it’s another product that I have already reviewed – click here. I also wore this in my introduction video so to see it in action click here.

Flower Flower BB cream // I don’t think I’ve reviewed this on here but I have previously discussed my love for it, so no surprises whatsoever.

Illumnasque powder blush in allure // I think you all know me pretty well by now and you will already now that I am more of a bronzer girl than a blush-type. However this month I have found myself reaching for this gorgeous blusher because it adds a pop of colour that can really brighten the skin. It looks pretty frightening in the packaging, all pink and glittery but once applied it adds the perfectly delicate flush of colour. It’s a good un.

Maybelline Brow Satin eyebrow pencil // I stopped using this beauty for a few weeks but over the last month I have been using it once again. It’s delicate and perfect for filling in my “in need of a tidying up” brows. Full review here.


Blog // A weird one I know but this month I have been really playing around with my content and I can honestly say that I have been loving my posts this month. Sometimes you have an idea or write a post that you just feel really proud of and this month I have been feeling that way about my blog generally. I discuss this in a tad more detail in the corresponding video.

D and G sunglasses // It was only a matter of time before these bad boys featured in a post because since buying them in April I have had little chance to use them! This month I have worn them occasionally and I love them!! They fit me like a dream and I think that shape suits me perfectly. I dunno, sometimes sunglasses just look really good on people and I love these one’s on me. Full post on them here.

Busy B book journal // Earlier in the month I signed up to the 50 book challenge, a bit later than everyone else admittedly, so I have been taking great care to record all the books that I am reading. I am defiantly having a book binge at the moment and while most of them have been ah-mazing, one or two haven’t been and they are books that could be easily forgettable. Not any more because using this gorgeous journal, I have been able to record every book read.


All my friends are superhero’s // This book was recommended to me by a fellow blogger and I must admit that at first I was a tad baffled. However I ended up falling in love with the witty, playful and oddly compelling story. Full review here.

Paper Towns // Yup you have probably spotted the film promo’s for this book because the film is coming out in a couple of days. It’s another John Green novel – you know the guy who wrote that unsuccessful book called Fault in our stars – and is written in his gorgeous, beautiful style. I find Green’s novels to be painfully honest but beautiful and I can imagine his work will go down in history. I am going to be uploading a full review of this in the next few weeks (its on my very long post list) but add me on Goodreads to make sure that you don’t miss it.

Always the bridesmaid // I’m not generally a traditional “chicklit” fan (I detest that phrasing but at least you all know what I mean), I tend to enjoy plots with clever and complex twits and general the aforementioned genre lets me down. However Lindsey Kelk seems to be the exception to the rule and I love her novels very much. Full review here.

Hot Feminist // I’m always looking for modern commentary on feminism and I was excited to see that Polly Vernon was releasing a book on the subject because I really love her column in Grazia. As someone that loves all things fashion/beauty related but also subscribes to feminist beliefs and principles, I sometimes find my views to be at odds with other feminists. I’ll be reviewing this book in greater depth later in the week and also reviewing it for another website (stay tuned for more) but in a nutshell I’m pretty conflicted on how I feel about it. Yet that said, I do think Vernon’s approach is fascinating, modern and defiantly worth a debate and for that reason I loved it.


The Imitation Game // I actually watched this on the plan on the way home from New York last month but this month we picked it up on DVD. It’s a really great, interesting and powerful film, one that really makes you think. I loved Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Turing but felt said that he was such an unlikely and uncredited hero.

The True Cost movie // I won’t go in to too much detail because there is a post on this coming up!

TV shows

The Detectives // Ooooohhh I loved this documentary series about the police forces investigation in to historic sexual abuse claims. Considering some of the naive and unjust comments I have read in the media about the subject, it was incredibly refreshing to see the subject and the victims dealt with in a respectful and sympathetic way.

Big Brother // Sometimes you just have to relax by watching car crash TV and this month Big Brother was said show of choice. I could be here all night ranting and raving about my thoughts on the show and the individuals but I do feel the need to express two. One – I love Brian Belo, I did the first time and I still do this time around because he’s such a genuine, sweet guy. Second – someone really needs to sit down with Helen and explain to her that there is a huge difference between “the truth” and her opinion. I think she gets them mixed up more often than she should.


One Direction // Earlier in the month I rook my beautiful cousin to see One Direction in Cardiff and it was the best thing ever. I’m not a 1D fan but spending time with my cousin (who I don’t see often because they live up North) was amazing and it was lovely to do something “grown up” with her. We had such a special time, we bonded, we danced and it felt amazing to do something special with her. She’s only 11 but she is such good company and such a lovely person, I know it’s a memory that neither of us will ever forget.

What have you been loving this month?


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