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meet my june advertisers

So a couple of weeks ago I decided that it was time to relaunch advertising slots on OhKay-DohKay and I took to twitter to promote this new venture.

It’s something I’d tried once before but never confidently promoted because I was kinda embarrassed and questioned how “advertising worthy” my blog really was.

But a few months later and I feel as if my blog is a million times better, I’ve found my voice and my promotional strategy has really improved.

So this month I’ve sold all of my advertising packages and these are the lovely bloggers who’ve bought a slot from me.


The Workaholics Guide is a series of ebooks that are being published in 2016 focussing on important subjects such as self-help, beauty, fitness and health. There are lots of reviews featured on the Workaholics blog including books and shopping items but also features general life hacks! I am definitely a workaholic and this blog seems to be written by someone after my own heart, you should totally go check it out.

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In the grand scheme of things Kayleigh’s blog is relatively new but in my opinion it’s definitely one to watch in the blogging world. Her blog the perfect mix of fashion, lifestyle and beauty – a mix that I personally think works really well. A fine arts student in Northampton University, Kayleigh also has her own small business and sells her own art works on the side.

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Some of my favourite recent posts – Harry Potter cafe | The magical beam emporium and My blogging goals for 2016.


I am already a huge fan of Katie’s blog Kaleidoscope Peonies and it’s definitely the type of blog that I am naturally drawn to. I love that it’s a cute mix of all different topics and I find Katie’s writing style to be really beautiful, it’s no surprise to me that she studied a degree in English. I’m particularly fascinated by her travelling and I’ve been really enjoying learning more about this. On top of this I think that Katie is a really nice girl and has excitingly offered to help with my Book Club Box project. You should all go check her social media and blog out and I’m excited to see more posts in the future.

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Some of my favourite recent posts – 22 things I learnt form travelling (one of my favourite posts of the month), the Rosie Project and a backpack’s makeup bag.

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