IWD – The women who have inspired me


Happy International Women’s day!!

Today is our day, it’s all about women and our consistent fight for equality. Our ongoing battles and the things that we still have to fight for.

But International Women’s Day is also a cause for celebration and today we should remember the things that we’ve achieved, the victories and the people that inspire us.

I wanted to share my inspiration with you, so these are the women who have inspired me the most.

My mum // It’s safe to say that my mum is a pretty special person, she’s a had a fairly hard life and yet her strength and personality is incredible. She’s a really strong and kind person and these are the two qualities I hope to have inherited the most.

My nan // I guess in many ways my nan is quite similar to my mum but she’s fiercely loyal and definitely the matriarch of the family. If anyone ever tried to hurt one of us, it’s safe to say that you’d have to get past her first. She’s a rather cool lady actually and I should probably tell her that more often.

My aunt // For as long as I can remember my aunt has been a close friend and confidant of mine, she always looks out for me and always has my back. The older I’ve gotten the more this has become the case and the better our relationship is. As cheesy as it might sound she’s not just my aunt, she’s my friend too.

Bel // If it wasn’t for Bel Robertson, a close friend of mine, I would never have gotten involved with Unite and I honestly can’t imagine that. My union has given me the political expression that Labour hadn’t and I now feel like I really do belong to something important. By finding my voice in the union I was able to find my voice in Labour. Since I got involved with Unite my confidence has grown rapidly and if it wasn’t for Bel I’m not sure I would have ever grown as I have.

What women have inspired you? 

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    Bel is pretty awesome 🙂 great post!

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