What I’ve learnt from – moving back home


As a nation we are in love with the idea of home ownership, It’s rather different to many of our European counterparts who instead spend much of their lives renting and moving about their country. It’s an admirable ambition but these days getting on the property ladder is harder than ever before and many people are being forced to move home in order to save money for that essential deposit.

I’m no different and these days you can find me residing in my childhood home. It’s taught me a lot of lessons about life and today I wanted to share those with you.

It’s not like it used to be // Moving back home is nothing like living at home when you were a child and all novelties wear of pretty quickly. Instead of you being the child of the family you’re now just another adult and it’s a lot harder to live together. I’ve really struggled on this front and I’ve learnt some huge lessons along the way. Essentially it’s about learning to adapt to the new scenario.

It’s about compromise // This is in relation to the above point but it’s all about making compromises with each other.

You are still the youngest // I am 26 years old but I am still the youngest in my home and sometimes I have to remind my family that I’m no longer a child.

Maintain that independence // This is essential to surviving the decision to move back home because it’s really easy to get caught up in old routines and habits.

Remind yourself of the end goal // At the end of the day if you’ve moved back home in order to save for a deposit then it’s only temporary and eventually you will be moving out again.

Have you moved back home? What have you leant?

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