What I’ve learnt from getting the implant?


It’s not very often that I talk about personal matters like this on my blog. There’s no actual reason for that I just haven’t really found cause to talk about them I guess.

But part of the reason I started this series was because I wanted to share my experiences and so today I’m talking about the contraceptive implant. More specifically my experience of it.

Unpredictable periods // Yup this is kind of obvious but ever since having the implant my periods have been all of the place. On the whole they’ve stopped entirely and yet sometimes I have them and they last for 10 or more days. It’s part of the package but that said, for me it didn’t really cause any issues.

It cause huge weight gain // This is the biggest issue for me and since having the implant I have put on a lot of weight. I’ve tried absolutely everything to keep it off but nothing works, not even the things that have worked in the past. I’ve cut right down, eating only clean and healthy things and incorporated exercise in to my every day routine and yet still nothing works. It’s for this reason that I have decided to have it taken out.

And make that weight hard to lose // Yup that stubborn weight literally won’t go anywhere and no matter how hard I’ve tried I cannot lose it. It’s so frustrating and really does take away any motivation that you might have had.

It can cause a lack of energy // I’m not sure if this is directly linked to the implant or if it is related to the weight gain but nonetheless I’ve noticed huge issues with my energy and motivation levels.

So I’ve had the implant for about 18 months now and as we speak I am waiting for an appointment to have it taken out. It just hasn’t worked out for me so I made the decision to have it removed.

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