It’s a Worrier’s Web…


Anxiety can make you feel ashamed amongst other awful emotions, and talking about this illness can be a challenge in itself, so it’s always inspiring when you see other people speaking out about it. So the other day I was really inspired to see Pixiwoo‘s latest video in which Sam Chapman discussed “what anxiety meant to” her, I was really inspired. Yet it was unsurprising.

Since I started reading blogs, but mainly using youtube, I have come across a lot of youtubers who suffer with anxiety, and I thought I would share these videos with you…

Since I started my blog back in the Summer of 2013 my confidence and ability to handle my anxiety has soared, and while I still have my “bad days”, I no longer feel hopeless. The internet is making a huge difference to people suffering with mental health, because it makes you feel as if you are part of some important and massive community.

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