Introducing the #PoetryChallenge – May

Poetry Challenge

I love writing poetry, it’s such a cathartic experience and yet sometimes I find it really difficult to do. It’s hard to find a topic – the world is such a fascinating place – and sometimes that’s really overwhelming! So I have come up with a new idea – cough, cough – a novel way to encourage your writing.

Ladies and Gentleman, a round of applause please, I am proud to introduce the #PoetryChallenge.

So each month I am going to set you a number of prompts and you have to write a something poem related around that suggestion. It could be a couplet, a limerick or a full poem. You then take a picture of it and share it on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #PoetryChallenge!

Don’t forget to tag me in them! (@kaycpage).

I’ve also created a cute printable for you too!

So good luck and enjoy!

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