International Poetry Day 2014- The Burden Of Being Poor

Today is International Poetry, so I decided to take the opportunity to write a poem. I haven’t done one in a while so I’m a bit rusty buy let me know what you think…

The Burden of Being Poor

Her tummy rumbles as she watches them eat,

It’s only tinned soup but it looks like a feast.

Four days with just two meals,

She’s beginning to understand how starvation feels.

She sacrifices food for them and for love,

At night she prays to whoever’s above.

She’s one of many, yet she feels like the few,

The government seems to have no clue,

How it feels to go without,

How it feels to live with doubt.

Constant worry and sleepless nights,

Constant struggles and constant fights.

Being punished for being poor,

She’s not sure she can take much more.

Her situation goes from bad to worse,

Her life feels like a cruel curse.

She hates herself for what she’s become,

Failing at life and she feels like an awful mum.

Her head is full with a sense of shame,

She hopes her children never feel the same.

Her heart is heavy, her ambition gone,

She’s been in this situation for far too long.

She’s tried and tried to get change her life,

But the men at the top keeping turning the knife.

She’s desperate for a job and applied for many,

Yet despite this she hasn’t heard from any.

Trapped in a situation beyond her control,

She hates living on the “dole”.

Demonised by the media, treated like scum,

When all she wants is to be a good mum.

If only they’d listen, she tells herself,

Then I’d be working and be in good health.

But no one cares, it’s always the same,

David Cameron and what’s his name?

She lives for her children and nothing more,

It’s the burden that comes with being poor.

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