Who I’m voting for president (2016)?

Ok so technically this is almost like a form of clickbait because I cannot vote in the American election. I’m British but nonetheless the American election is incredibly important for all of us.

A few weeks ago Casey Neistat – a huge American youtuber – caused a bit of controversy after declaring his support for Hilary Clinton. In this vide he also called on other “big” youtubers to also declare their voting preference. This largely divided opinion with some youtubers such as Grace Helbig and Itsbobbymares also declaring their support for Clinton, while other’s saw it as encouraging mob mentality.

First of all it’s really brave for any yotuber to declare their support for a presidential candidate, let alone in this election which will undoubtedly go down as being one of the most divisive in American history. So straight of the bat I respect this people for doing it.

I’ve always been pretty open about where my political loyalties sit so I thought that I would share my feelings on this with you.

So here goes.

If I could vote, I would be voting for Hilary Clinton.


I fully understand the reservations that many Americans have over Hilary Clinton. We don’t have legacy politicians in the UK to the same extent as the sates but we do still have elitism, so I can still appreciate the sentiment. She’s the wrong candidate at the wrong time.

These days it almost feels as if politics is just about picking the best from the bad choices and that’s not how it should be. Politics should be about hope, politicians should offer people hope and elections should be won on whoever offered the most appealing vision.

And yet these days more often than not politics is about anger. It’s about scapegoating, it’s about us and them, divide and rule. It’s about which politician sucks less. It’s a scene that’s being mirrored around the world and now America has fallen victim to the trend.

Sadly as with the UK general election neither candidate really inspires anything positive in the American public. Hilary is stale, part of the old elite and Trump inspires anger, playing on human natures worst emotions and fears.

But it’s pretty simple.

Hilary Clinton is the only person that can ensure that one of the greatest countries in the world doesn’t fall in to the hands of a racist, sexist, megalomaniac of the far-right. It would be the same as throwing out the baby with the bathwater, you don’t solve one problem by causing another.

Handing the reigns to Trump would be to destroy the progress that has been made in America and to make a dangerous situation, a million times more lethal.

I will be watching the news intently on election day, hoping with bated breath that America has chosen Hilary. The idea of Trump winning scares me and I think the world would be far more dangerous place for it.

When Donald Trump pledges to “make America great again” it’s worth reminding him that for all it’s faults and flaws America is an incredible country. I’m not talking about the same kind of issues that Donald Trump likes to pretend exist, I’m talking about the actual issues that are so often in the news in regards to America’s divide society. It’s not about making America great again, it’s about making it greater.

A greater America would be compassionate, more tolerant and more equal. Oh and it would have stricter gun laws too.

It has to be Hilary Clinton.

But what are your thoughts and feelings? How would you be voting or who are you voting for?

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