Hunger Games Catching Fire Review

Catching fire

Hey everyone, how are you?

Last night I finally went to see the second instalment of the Hunger Games, Catching fire and I wanted to tell you what I thought. I should start with disclaimer and admit that these sort of films, futuristic/sci-fi/serial films, are not usually my sort of thing but I am a massive fan of the Hunger Games trilogy. This time last year I read the books and I automatically become a fan of them! They are extremely gripping, and they have something a bit Orwell’s 1984-esque about them.

The second film picks up pretty much were the first one left off (several months later, but not too long) and we see our “love struck” victors struggling to keep up the façade, and to adjust to life as victors. While the President entirely disbelieves their love story, so do many of Panam’s population and instead many are viewing the story as an act of defiance to the might capital. Queue riots in Katniss’ name. Determined to assert its authority and regain order the Capital clamps down on any acts of defiance and also orders a unique twist to the Hunger Games of the year, the tributes will be pooled from the existing winners.

The film is extremely fast-paced but it’s written in a smooth and seamless manner, meaning that scenes never seem disjointed and simply flow from one to the next. The story is well-told, although I times I feel that some bits could be better explained and am concerned that it is assumed that all viewers have read the books, they have not. While at times a tragic and depressing story, the characters are extremely likeable especially the two handsome male leads. Jenifer Lawrence is as excellent as ever, and plays Katniss to the T. While the films is definitely action packed and will continuously have you on the edge of your seat, the ending is incredibly disappointing and while I understand the need to leave on a cliff-hanger, this one feels a bit forced and many people failed to even realise that was the end. None the less, it is an enjoyable watch and I am definitely excited for the final instalment!!

Verdict- 4/5.

P.S. Stay tuned because tomorrow there is an exciting giveaway!

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