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Originally used in the production of army uniforms and then incorporated in to civilian clothing due to it’s mass overproduction in the second world war, khaki is already an established staple in the fashion industry and yet despite that it can be a fairly difficult one to pull off. While the military look is definitely on the cards for SS15 especially when it comes to khaki colours (just take one look at Marc Jacobs SS15 to see what I mean) too much khaki can look a little drab and it’s definitely all about the balance. So attention beautiful people because here are my top tips on now incorporate a little khaki in to your Spring time wardrobe.

Cover up. A khaki coloured coat or cardigan is by far the easiest way to incorporate this versatile colour in to your wardrobe and its neutral shade ensures that it looks chic with everything, from bold prints to humble earthy tones. A khaki cover up will add an element of “cool” to any outfit and is the perfect Spring update for the colour-phobe. I love my New Look shirt (above) and while I think it looks pretty chic with black, come summer I’ll have no qualms wearing it with bolder looks. While we are on the subject and in case my fairy godmother is reading, I am totally eyeing up this stunning mac from New Look. I need this in my life!

Length. This season clothes are unapologetically comfortable and looser styles are having a bit of a moment. I am loving oversized blazers, shirts and cardigans because the one’s that fall just above the knees are uber-flattering to my top heavy shape. This is a look that can work for anyone and slimmer girls need not worry about being drowned by a baggy ensemble because a tan belt will work wonders, simply belt the garment at the slimmest point of the waist. If your lucky enough to already have length, I’m talking legs you lucky ladies, then a full jumpsuit is about to become your best friend because it’s the easiest way to work nighttime khaki!

Texture. Clashing textures always makes a bold statement and I love wearing this luxe shirt with my leather-look mini, however there are a range of possibilities at hand. When my leather skirt is having a day off I’ll be pairing this beauty with a camel coloured suede skirt and a white vest for an instant pop.

Gold. There is something about gold and khaki that really gets my fashion mojo going because partnered together they look incredibly chic. Opt for long hanging gold necklaces in traditional gold or gold-bronze shades. For extra style credit, look for pendulum or locket type pieces and wear them hanging as low as you possibly can.

Do you love khaki?


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    I love your outfit!! You look great!! 🙂 Xo

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      Aw thank you 🙂 xxx

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