How to make your legs look longer?


I’m pretty short and sometimes beautiful outfits can make me look even shoreter something that has bothered me in the past. However over the years I have found a few tips and tricks to make my legs appear longer. Alas we weren’t all destined to have long legs, but these allusions should help you on your way.


Tip One- Nude. A nude heel should be a collection staple, they go with everything and they are the easiest way to extend your leg length. A skin toned nude easily becomes an extension of your leg and adds an extra few inches without hassle. Easy pesy.


Tip Two- Scoop. An ankle strap, like the one in the above picture, splits your leg in a harsh and sometimes unflattering manner, making your legs immediately appear shorter. These shoes are comfortable, supportive and look beautiful with a pair of jeans, but to make your legs look longer you are better off reaching for something else. A pair of scooped shaped ballet pumps will do the trick, but look out for the cut you can see in the above picture (the nude heels), as the extra flesh on show will add extra length.

Top Three- Shimmer. If you’re brave enough to opt for a bare leg look, then there is a simple tip that will automatically give you added length. Take your favourite natural coloured highlighter and gently dust it along the middle of your calf, taking care not to add to much (it’s easier to add more than it is to take away). The shimmer will thin your legs and divert attention, making them look longer and more flattering.

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