How I write my blog posts


When it comes to writing blog posts I have a set routine that I like to follow and I thought it was about time that I shared it. It follows on rather neatly from my blog organisation post which I published last weekend and so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get that written.

Coffee // This performance enhancing, delicious and heart-warming drink is the key element to my ENTIRE blog writing routine! It keeps be going and stops me from getting tired, something that my MAC screen has a tendency to do.

Notepad // I always have at least one notepad at hand when I am blogging because I usually think of new idea’s as I go along. I jot any notes down in it then transfer those notes across to my database when I finish.

Sunday // I block out my Sunday’s as blog writing days and use them to get everything on my blog done. Of course if I am away or family are visiting this can’t always happen and so yes things do move above, however on the whole that’s the pattern I follow.

Headphones // I always listen to some kind of music when I am writing my blog posts because I find that it helps me concentrate better, it blocks out the outside world and makes it a lot easier for me to concentrate.

How do you write your blog posts?


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