Holocaust Memorial Day- Part One

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A few years ago I visited Auschwitz, (I’m going back in April) and while I know it’s a subject that divides opinion it is a visit that I recommend people make. For people that doubt the scale or factuality of the Holocaust, Auschwitz is a truly sobbering place and I came away with a new view on life. I wanted to make a difference and ensure that equality is because no one deserves what happened to the millions of people taken to Auschwitz and the other death camps outside Germany. The main thing that struck me was the sheer size of Birkenau, which is massive and reaches as far as they can see. (I’ve also been to Anne Frank’s house and that was well worth a visit too.)

This is the first of three posts that I have scheduled for today, because I want everyone to take a moment to think about the atrocities that happened. I’ve studied Nazi Germany and Holocaust Studies for a long time now and I’ve often wondered if it is where my passion for equality stems from, because it is the ultimate cost of inequality. This first post is a visual one, it shares some of the harrowing and touching pictures that I took while I was there. The second post is going to share some little known facts and the third is a small poem.

It’s a horrific reality to dwell on, but today maybe just think about it for a moment, maybe tweet or perhaps do something kind for someone you wouldn’t normally. It’s a small difference but to them it would mean the world. Remember we are all human after all.

(Can you see the fox in the ruins of the crematoria?)

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