Heeled sandals

heeledCan you hear that noise?

Across the country thousands of pairs of feet are breathing a joint sigh of relief because flat shoes are back in business and this summer they are the most stylish everyday shoe that you can opt for, what more can you want?

Yet that said I’m not quite ready to go hang up all my heels just yet, so this summer I will be embracing the alternative trend – the return of the heeled sandal!!

If you want to see the heeled sandals that I am loving from the high-street, take a look at my Pinterest board.

Long Legs // Let’s address the obvious elephant in the room shall we? I am short and when it comes to wearing shorts in the summer, size really does matter. I have to get the right length or my legs end up looking wider than one might like. Heels are by far the easiest solution to this problem and I LOVE wearing a nude heeled sandal with my shorts of choice. They dress the outfit up, add needed length to my legs and just look pretty glam.

Instant Glam // Heels definitely add a glamour to any outfit and heeled sandals are the comfortable way to do the look. Block heels are so much more comfortable than traditional stiletto shoes and I am loving their grand return.

Fabric // Summer shoes are all about the texture and I love sandals that have a bohemian fabric look. I have my eyes on a number of faux leather and suede beauties because they will look gorgeous a top a golden tan.

Devil’s in the detail // Heeled sandals are all about the detail, so look for offerings that have embellishment or buckle detailing. Gold is a huge colour this summer and looks gorgeous in the sparkling summer sun.

Are you a heeled sandal girl?



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