Growing up in the 90s

Being a child in the 90s

A few weeks ago there was a nostalgic blog chat, one that resolved around childhood and it really got me thinking. I was very lucky I had a pretty special childhood, one that was filled with memories and love. I never had it all – that really didn’t matter – but I had everything that was needed to make a child happy and I was very happy.

I might be a bit biased here but I think that the 90s were pretty special and for those of you that weren’t around then, here’s some of the things I loved about growing up in the 90s.

The music // The 90s were all about the bands and I was a huge fangirl for them. I think my favourites were Steps, the Vengaboys, obviously the Spice Girls and I loved B*Witched. I still remember roping my cousin in to practicing the “rollercoaster” dance. It was an absolute classic.

The toys // I know it’s cliche but I honestly loved my Barbie dolls and I was obsessed with the Barbie plan I was bought. I think it was the opportunity to use my imagination, to craft stories and worlds for the dolls to live in. I also was cray cray for the alien thingys, the original Polly Pockets (none of this Polly “I’m too big for your pocket” and I loved my Harry Potter merch (not the 90s I know).

The books // I’ve loved my books since I was a young child so this is possible the hardest question for me. I remember that I loved the Two of a Kind books and buying them was an essential summertime pass time for me and they were so cheap back then. I also loved the Jacqueline Wilson books, I read every single one of the one’s reassessed when I was young and although I don’t read them nowadays I still look out for them in the shops.

The TV shows // Let’s be fair the 90s was full of absolute TV gold. So many that I can’t possibly talk about them all, so instead here’s a list of my faves – Keenan and Kel, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Two of a Kind, Saved by the bell, Hey Arnold…

Did you grow up in the 90s?

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    They totally were! I miss them xx

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