Goals for the Year- 2014

FireworksHappy New Year Everyone!!!

I am so excited to be in a New Year, I love the idea that you get to start over and get a symbolic clean slate! I like to recess my goals and aims each year, to ensure I make each one matter!I don’t really do resolutions because I find them really impossible to keep! Instead I like to map out a set of goals!

I thought I would share mine with you!

  1. I will continue to blog on a regular basis and do all I can to increase my readership!
  2. I will have established a YouTube channel!
  3. I will have finished my first  novel (working on it as we speak) and have approached agents about getting this published.
  4. I will be a lot fitter than I am now (which is nothing) and in November I want to run the 10k (the key word is run) for a charity!
  5. A lot healthier when it comes to food.
  6. I will be a lot more active in the Labour Party and volunteering!
  7. I will be managing my money a lot better than I do now and on my way to paying off the pesky credit card bill.
  8. I will be living in London, ready to do my masters!

Pretty bold goals, I know but I believe that you should dream and aim high!

“Shoot for the moon and you will fall amongst the stairs”.

What are your goals? Would you like to see how I manage them?

Happy New Year, make it a good one!

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