Hey guys and how are you all??

I am going to apologise in advance for the amount of updates that you might shortly receive, especially if you follow me on twitter and/or are friends with me on Facebook! Basically as I have had some time on my hands today, I am going to be posting some of the posts that I had planned for next week today!
Anyway back to the post, so I did a lot of make-up hauling during the weekend just gone, and I picked up a few little bits for a giveaway! Exciting!

So firstly I picked up these gorgeous eyeliners from MUA which I already own myself! I picked the black and the blue because I feel that they are essential colours, and as Sherzy (Nicole Scherzinger) was wearing them on the X Factor last Saturday, as shown below they are also bang on trend!

I also decided to pick up a few lip products that I also love for you too!
Of course there is the “hydration baby lips” which I have recently done a review on and these are so good. Then there is a beautiful pink lipstick which comes with a lipgloss attached in a small pot on the bottom!


I picked these products because I myself use them and I can therefore recommend them on a personal level, which I think is important. Now of course I do want something in return, in order to win all or one of these products (I will see what response I get), please like my post, follow me on here or on twitter (@kaycpage) and then tweet at me which product you would prefer to win! I am happy to shop overseas, if anyone from another country reads this (Hi, it amazes me that maybe you are in another country). So this is going to be open until next Wed ( so that’s the 11th and I will then announce the winner on here and on twitter!
Good luck and thank you for reading! Xx

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