Get in the Christmas Spirit


Are you a Christmas Carol singer? Are you ears aching from the weight of your novelty Christmas earrings? Or are you pooping glittery Chritmas tinsel? Well if so then this post is probably not for you and might cause serious festive damage, so I suggest that you quickly exit this post and continue with your pleasant festive business. But if your not “feeling” the festive season, then I suggest you continue reading.

Has bah humbug become your daily catchphrase? Has the stress of Christmas shopping taken over your goodwill and cheer? Or have your colleagues quickly branded you as the office Grinch? If you have answered yes to some or all of these questions then this post is aimed specifically at you.

So fear not my Scrooge apprentices, these are my top tips for getting you in the Christmas spirit.

  • Christmas music- whack up the volume and dance like no one is watching because nothing gets you in the mood like a Christmas song. My personal favourite Band Aid and I wish it was Christmas every year.
  • Christmas decorations.
  • Christmas markets- what is not to love, these once a year events come with Christmas food, Christmas music, drinks and cheer!
  • Christmas novelty jewellery and jumpers.
  • Carol concerts.
  • Wrapping presents.
  • Christmas films- the solution to all your problems.

Are you feeling festive?

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