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I hadn’t planned for there to be an overall theme this week – it just sort of happened – but I do think that it’s important to start the new year by reflecting on the past one. A few days ago I wrote about my concerns regarding this blog, the fact that I have been really unhappy with it’s content and how writing posts often feels like a chore. Yet I really have enjoyed writing my “What I’ve learnt” series, I like sharing the lessons I’ve been taught along the way.

This year I intend to continue the series and I wanted to start by looking back on 2015 and to remember the biggest lessons that I’ve learnt over the past 12 months.

Grab a cuppa and sit in a comfy seat because this is a rather hefty post.

People can change but not everyone will // 

It’s a subject that can often divide opinion but I’ve always believed that people can change, they just have to want to and decide exactly how they are going to do it. That doesn’t mean that it’s easy to change, old habits are hard to kill and ultimately some people will chose not to change. It might be heartbreaking to admit but if that’s how they feel then that’s their right and no one is likely to change it.

Opinion polls can often be wrong // 

So we all know what happened in the May 2015 general election and despite the best efforts of different polling channels, no one could accurately predict such a disastrous result for the Labour Party. We thought it was going to be a close election but I would never have guessed that we would lose by such an amount and I never could have guessed that the Conservatives would win a majority. Regardless of who or what was actually blame for the outcome, there were huge implications across the board and many lessons to be learned.

I actually like Kay //

I’ve personally found that my confidence has grown as I’ve gotten older and during the latter part of last year I actually feel as if i have finally found my feet. I’ve got to know myself better and come to a rather surprising conclusion, I actually kinda like who I am. I hope that I can cement my confidence this year and really learn to love myself.

Politics is changing // 

This is linked to my earlier point but if you were in any doubt before the 2015 general election surely confirmed that politics has forever changed. The Labour Party lost support in area’s that we were once able to rely on and once again found it’s self out of office. Following the result Ed Miliband handed in his resignation unjustly accepting “full responsibility” for the loss, a move which resulted in a leadership election and the political change that it brought about. After the lacklustre leadership election underdog, Jeremy Corbyn found himself at the helm of the Labour Party after offering an alternative political path to the other Labour candidates. Another sure sign that British politics will never be the same as it was.

Meanwhile UKIP failed to make the headway in parliament that it might of liked, lost a leader and then reinstated said leader and still hopes to do damage in the Welsh Assembly elections this year. Perhaps one of the only predictable factors of the 2015 election was that the Liberal Democrats would certainly be electing a new head and as expected Nick Clegg also handed in his resignation. In fact for a while there it seemed as David Cameron was the only leader to remain untouched but then we were introduced to “Call me Dave” and the “sordid” allegations it contained- so there was that.

It’s safe to say that 2015 resulted in all parties being forced to ask itself some awkward questions about it’s future, it’s politics and the direction that it should now move. The Liberal Democrats have to wonder if they can ever win back the public’s trust, while UKIP have to decide if they can ever really be an electable political party. The Labour Party has to understand why it lost support and find it’s voice and identity that is compatible with twenty first century politics. The Conservatives on the other hand, they have one simple question to ponder – can they ever look at bacon the same way again?

I’m in love with New York // 

So you might have noticed that last year I was lucky enough to visit New York, I think that I’ve only mentioned it like a billion times. I thought that I would think it was ok, just ok, I never imagined that I would fall in love with the big apple. It’s an incredible city and it left me feeling inspired and motivated. It’s a really amazing place.

Some people just love to create drama //

If you’re a blogger then then you will absolutely agree with this statement and we can all name one individual who loves to create the drama. I don’t think a week goes by without some scandal occurring but it’s always the same people and with the same motivation – attention.

I like how Gossip Girl ended // 

In the name of research ahead of my trip to New York (best research ever, all that time wasted on the old dissertation I was definitely studying the wrong subject) I decided that it was essential for me to watch Gossip Girl in it’s entirety. Goodness me I love that show, I don’t know why and in theory when you consider my values and opinions I should absolutely hate it! But no, quite the opposite. I loved the entire series, start to finish and really enjoyed seeing how the characters developed, particularly Blair who is my kinda girl. It was amazing to watch the series and then be able to visit some of the sites where it was filmed. It’s the perfect trash eating, settee watching, pyjama wearing, duvet hugging kind of TV show. And then of course there’s Chuck Bass.

Competitive friends are the worst //

I’m not talking about friends who happen to be competitive, I’m talking about friends who like to compete with you whether because of low self-esteem or for the fun of it. These are the kind of people who always have to go one better than you, if you’ve done something then they’ve done it ten times better. I’ve had a few of these in my life through 2015 and maybe it makes me a bad person but I just can’t deal with it.

Never judge someone based on other people’s opinions //

I’m guilty of doing this far more than I really should and this year this was a lesson that was made extremely obvious towards me. A friend of mine told me something about an acquaintance and it stuck in my mind, meaning I had a prejudgement of them when I later spent time with them. I was entirely wrong and they are now a really close friend and one of the most awesome people I have ever met.

I love the Walking Dead // I’ve never been in to the whole zombie-vampire thing, it’s just not me, but I’ve recently developed an obsession with this hit show. I can’t put my finger on what or why but I love it! And then there’s Daryl Dixon.

Vloggers are about to go mainstream // 

When I first discovered vlogging and the fact that it was actually a “thing” it was a niche that was yet to be fully exploited but yet last year it exploded on to the mainstream. Nowadays the Sugg family, Alfie and Tanya Burr are household names and have influence that most celebrities could only dream of.

I actually love Pandora //

I held off getting a Pandora bracelet for a long time and despite relatives offering to buy me one for various celebrations I continued to say no, I just wasn’t taken with the brand. I guess I thought that it was a little bit faddy, one of those here today gone tomorrow kind of brands but clearly I was very wrong. For Christmas I was lucky enough to get one of the gorgeous rose gold charm bracelets with of the coloured glass beads and I am so in love with it I literally can’t tell you. A few days later my grandparents bought me on of the pretty rings and again I am smitten. It’s totally lame but I look forward to putting them on in the morning!

What were the biggest lessons that you learnt in 2015?

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