Friday Fives- The travel essentials


I do appreciate that this post is a tenny tiny but overdue, the clue is in the title, but as this is a series I intend to keep going, I decided to post it regardless. Better late than ever.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the last few months have been a tiny bit manic (understatement of the century) and it is fair to say that I have been pretty much living out of my suitcase. So much so, that I have actually contemplated changing my name to ‘The Suitcase Kid” (thoughts?).

A little and manoeuvrable suitcase (I am the weakest person ever) requires a considerable amount of planning particularly if you, like me, like to pack enough make-up for every single eventuality. Who knows then you might need that red lippe right?

Nonetheless I often have to whittle it down to the bare essentials but these are the five items that I literally cannot live without.

Concealer. An obvious choice but a clever one nonetheless because this bad boy doesn’t just cover up unsightly blemishes, it actually has several other purposes. A thick consistency concealer cleverly doubles as a “I’m in a hurry foundation” and a cheeky eyelid primer too.

Black eyeliner. It is actually amazing what a small flick of black eyeliner can do for someone, especially when you haven’t slept in your bed for a week, so this is an absolute essential for me. These days I tend to wear the bare minimum and generally only use it to line my lower water line but it’s unbelievable the difference it can make.

A nude lipstick. I always wear something on my lips and if I’m not in the mood for a statement look then I turn to my trusted “barely there” bullets, adding a simple swipe after I’ve finished my look. I love using Maybelline Colorsensational in the shade Tantalizing Taupe and for me it’s the perfect nude and suits my lips to the T. applying easily with literally no hassle or fuss. To finish I tend to add a dash of Soap and Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker in Pink Out Loud and I am good to go.

Bronzer. I like to think that you all know me pretty well by now and therefore you should know that this miracle worker is my go-to pick me up. What’s not to love? Get the right shade and this one product can be an absolute saviour adding a healthy glow to even the palest complexion. Like most people I love using my bronzer for contouring but over the years I have also found a third altogether less obvious usage. When on the go and in a hurry, I love applying s gentle dusting of bronzer to my eyelid to add some depth and distraction, using a flat square topped shadow brush. Recently I’ve also managed to find another use for this bad boy, using my pointed brush from EcoTools, I love dragging a fine line of the powder along my lower lash line to add definition and make me look more awake.

Red lip. The truth is you never know when a “I need a red lip situation” will occur and I therefore find that it’s always best to have one at the ready. It’s amazing what difference a statement lip can make to an outfit.

What are your necessary travel items?

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