Five Minute Looks….

5 min looks

We’ve all been there, you forget to set your alarm ready for an early morning start or there’s a power cut and it therefore doesn’t go off as it should and you as a result you end up in a mad dash to get ready. In these circumstances something has to give and in the name of hygiene and health it tends to be make-up, as we all rightly chose a shower and breakfast over mascara. Doing your make-up on public transport is never a good idea, I often wonder how many eye-pencil injuries the NHS see each year as I direct result, but sometimes it can seem like the only option!

Fear not fair friends as once again Kay has come to the rescue, you see I’ve developed a foolproof set of looks that can easily be achieved in five minutes or less. Public transport make-up no more!

Reversed eyeshadow. Gone are the days when the upper lid was a girls only eyeshadow canvas and if your in hurry, the lower lash line is your perfect best friend. Take a small domed shadow brush and gently dip it in to a lightly pigmented coloured eyeshadow, think pale blue to hit the seasons trend. Gently brush the shadow on the outer corner of your lower lash taking it down toward the pupil and slowly circling it outwards. Try and keep the shadow as close to your lash line as possible and as light as possible, add some mascara and your good to go!

Bronzed up. Bronzer is my go to problem-solver because there is nothing that this little beauty can’t solve, it’s the perfect multi-tasker. Use a tapered brush to add bronzer long your cheek bones, dusting in a circular motion, starting with little and building up accordingly. I love wearing a bold lip with bronzer, so opt for a purple or berry toned lip gloss, adding a quick swipe to your pout. Careful though because a bold lipstick applied hastily, is never a good idea, so instead opt off lesser pigmented options. I love the Bourjois Colour Boost in Plum Russian, as it’s pigmented enough to add a flash of colour but the right texture for a quick swipe!

Nearly naked. Nude eyeshadows are your saviour when your rushing about in the morning, easy, natural and the perfect quick staple. Gently dust a light brown, beige or taupe or shadow on your upper lid and gently drag it along the lower lash to wake eyes up and add definition!

Now, get ready for the day!

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