Have we finally got a solution to the biggest fashion bloggers problem?*


There is one thing that no one tells you about blogging and that is how much work it takes. In many ways blogging is like a second job to many of us and we often find ourselves putting in the hours.

I guess from the outside and to the uninitiated it can look like it’s pretty easy but in reality keeping and maintaining a blog is an exhaustive and hard hobby or career.

That’s why I was excited to review Bidvine, an exciting new website that could be the answer to several of the biggest blogging problems.

Since starting OhKay-DohKay my blog identity has dramatically varied but at one point in time I was determined to take my blog in a more fashion focussed direction. I did not realise how hard fashion blogging can be.

The hardest part was trying to find someone to take pictures of me and it was something that I really struggled with. My mum had a good go but it’s not something she could do very often.


That is where Bidvine comes in to the picture.

Based in London, Bidvine is a tech startup and aims to help people find local service providers in their area. Essentially Bidvine is a “little bit like tinder” for professionals and helps connect professionals to customers, assisting service providers to reach a new audience.

For fashion bloggers this kind of resource could prove extremely valuable because it gives people the opportunity to find photographers, for the right job and at the right price.

In order to research for this post I had a little trial of the website and I cannot believe how easy it is to use. Essentially you place a “request” and then local providers approach you to have a chat about the job. The request is really customisable meaning that you can set out the specifics of your job, saving huge money and time in the process.

Being a blogger I tried the photography option and was overwhelmed by the incredible people that showed interest in my request. I also had a shock by the number of different services that are offered on the website with everything from piano lessons to cleaners having their chance.

The website is really easy to use and it’s a quick process that didn’t take me very long to set up. It’s incredibly useful and I can see businesses and professionals utilising this to best help their company.

It’s an innovative website that I recommend you go check out.

 *In return for writing this post I was paid a fee. This was to cover the hours I put into writing the post and not for a particular opinion. All comments made are my honest options.




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