Feminist Friday – 10 reasons I am a feminist

10 reasons

I’ve never hidden the fact that I am a feminist, it’s something that I wear proudly but I know that other people are less open towards that label. So for those who aren’t sure as to whether you’re a feminist here are 10 reasons why I am.

Because of the pay gap // It’s 2016 and yet despite the vast strides we have made towards equality we still have a pay gap. How is that even possible?

Because of out dated attitudes towards both sexes // Gender is so constraining and despite the huge leaps we’ve made forward over the last few years outdated attitudes and beliefs still control much of what we do. This impacts on both sexes, I mean think about the rate of suicide among young men for example? This is undoubtedly linked to our outdated views of masculinity. Feminism is about equality for both sexes and smashing these outdated stereotypes is part of that.

Because of our sexualised culture // It’s so sexualised. I mean we’ve all seen the chocolate or yoghurt adverts that involve suggestive sounds or actions in connection with an entirely unrelated product? Sex sells but that doesn’t mean that we should be surrounded with it. Lets talk about breasts for a moment. Their biological function is to play a role in reproduction and yet how often does a breast feeding story kick off in the media? Why? Are people really outraged at seeing a baby feeding? I doubt it. It’s because breasts are so sexualised, like our culture, so they see them and think it’s bad.

Because odds are stacked against women // Women are less likely to reach the top of a number of different industries and the odd’s are never in our favour. Think about politics, business and sport?

Because we still have glass ceilings (come on Hillary) // It’s 2016 and we have still only had 2 female prime ministers and the United States still hasn’t had a female president.

Because women are told they can’t have it all, men can] // We’ve heard it so many before haven’t we? A women can never have it all and often that choice comes down to two things – children or career? Yet how many times have you heard of men who do indeed have it all, so if we are equal why can’t we have it all too?

Because there’s only one definition of pretty // Every single person has a different interpretation of beauty, it’s hugely subjective and yet the media still peddles the traditional definition.

Because little girls are taught that their worth is connected to their beauty // Ugh.

Because we blame the victim // It still baffles me that rape victims are asked to describe what they were wearing when they were raped. It has absolutely no relation to the crime itself and to suggest so is not only offensive to women but men too. It also suggests that stranger rape is more common than it is, most rape victims are the victims of someone they know. Let’s all say it together shall we – rape is rape, nothing else matters.

Because we still have all these battles (and more) to fight // Because I was able to give you 10 reasons why and if I hadn’t already created the above image I could have easily added much more.

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