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Fashion Rules worth breaking!

It feels like forever since I last sat down and wrote a blog post, I’ve been lacking energy lately, so I apologise if I’m a little bit rusty! However in the name of beauty/fashion blogging, I was determined to get this post written! I’ve been wanting to write a post like this for a few months, and as I had a gap in my planned “blogging schedule” I decided today was the day!

I love fashion, and while I certainly enjoy keeping up with the latest trends and hitting them on a lower budget (I try anyway), I tend to chose things I like and that I feel happy in, and sometimes this means deviating from what’s current. I don’t know about you, but growing up I was always told by my trendy aunts and cousins, that there were certain rules that one most follow when trying to look on trend. Now I definitely agree that there are certain things we should all do to ensure we look our best (check them out here) but as for rules, I have personally decided to throw the rule book out the window, and I encourage you to do the same!!

  1. Never wear black and brown! Surprisingly, this is a really easy trend to pull off and worked together correctly black and brown can actually look incredibly chic and sophisticated! Black mixed with warmer shades of brown can really really cosy but for first timers, I would suggest wearing lighter shades of brown for a more coherent and understated look. I love wearing my brown boots, with a black dress but I always ensure to accessories with a brown bag because it helps the outfit look pulled together and neat! However if you’re looking for a bolder, clashing look than opt for slightly contrasting colours! Top tip- Wearing a brown “tie” built across the middle of a black dress, will help nip your wast in slightly as the colour contrast will draw eyes to the narrowest part of your figure!
  2. Never mix print! Well this is an awful rule that ever there was, and has been a popular one to break on the catwalks across the seasons. This one definitely requires a lot more thought, especially if you want a less obvious/edgy look, but there are certain tips that can help make it look effortless. Firstly, if your looking for an outfit that packs a fashion punch but don’t want to look like a child from the 90s (sigh, what were our parents thinking) then start by wearing shades that fall in the same family! Monochrome is by far the easiest and probably the one that most of us have in abundance, so its a really good place to  start your clashing journey! Monochrome can also be warn with other patterns, and will help make it easier to embrace a bold print, so try pairing monochrome stripes with a bold flower print! Boom! Top Tip- For a flattering look, ensure that you balance the outfit by wearing one large and one small print! So for example wear a pattern made up of small dainty flowers on top, and then one with larger flowers on the bottom half!
  3. Menswear- is for me? Pah, where else will we get oversized shirts?
  4. Clutches are just for the evening! Will this is another rule that should be written in to history because clutches are huge and they are everywhere!
  5. Glitter is just for the evening! If this rule was law, then I deserve to be arrested because I have been wearing sequins and glitter to work for years. I love wearing a white chiffon shirt with my sequined gold skirt with a pair of flat shoes to ensure it has a casual feel. It’s the perfect Friday outfit, as it ensures you have an easy work-to-drinks look! I always carry some heels with me, because adding these, letting my hair out and adding a slick of red lipsticks ensures I am ready for the night!

What fashion rules do you like breaking?

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