Eyebrows; the good, the bad and the ugly…


I love reading blogs, I guess it comes with the territory and I particularly love it when a blogger creates their own series, a post you can rely on being there every single week. So this year one of my blog goals is to develop a series of my own. This is one of my brain childs.

There are thousands of eyebrow products out there, with every beauty company offering their own version and every need pretty much catered for and yet despite this for a long time I struggled to find the one for me. Yes this is a pattern that is generally emerging in my life. Now between us, for a long time I didn’t see the point in eyebrows, I mean they were just there as a chore and convenient eye protectors but then the whole Cara revolution happened and I realised it was a trend that was sticking around. So I decided that as a beauty blogger I needed some more tools for my box and I went on a mission to Boots (never ends well right?) to increase my pathetic brow equipment. I proceeded to search the shelves for not one, not two but all the brow products I could possibly find, yeah my bank weren’t too pleased with that transaction/

This was a long time ago now and since then I have tried numerous brow products, some good, some bad and some ugly.

The good. When it comes to eyebrows I am definitely a low maintenance kinda girl and therefore appreciate products that do the job quickly. For me the Soap and Glory Archery brow duo pencil is the absolute bomb and ticks all the boxes. It’s the perfect shade for my brows and each morning I quickly use the pencil to fill in my eyebrows, gently colouring in the gaps and shaping where appropriate. It’s really easy to use, requires the smallest amount of product and lasts pretty much all day long.

The bad. Back when I was in high school (them were the days) and with very little real understanding of make-up, I splurged my saved pocket money on a number of Benefit bits, not really knowing anything about them. Despite my little knowledge most of the products I adored and still repurchase to this day but there was one pesky little monkey that I hated, still own and still hate. The Benefit Browzing just doesn’t work for me, the wax is unworkable and the powder is just pointless. I personally found this product really difficult to work with, it lasted next to no time at all and remains in my make-up draw to this day, basically untouched! Yet as it’s Benefit (a brand I tend to love) I just can’t bring myself to part with it!

The ugly.  So here is, the finale, the product that was the worst of the bunch. Sadly there is not a lot to say about the Maybelline Brow Drama because I only used it for two or three days. I believe in second chances, so hating it on the first day I still decided to give it another try and another, yet despite this it never really “agreed” with me. It didn’t do anything for my brows, the consistency is useless and the mascara like brush made the product difficult to use. So it was pretty much the opposite of what I wanted!

What are your favourite/least favourite eyebrow products?


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