Hey everyone, how are you?

I am really nervous about writing this post today, I generally get quite anxious about writing my anxiety posts (the irony hey) and they usually do take quite a lot of time and effort. It has therefore been a long time (never on this blog) since I told you about the anxieties that I myself suffer. Earlier this week I wrote a post about the anxieties that I suffer from, and now I want to take that a little bit further.

Over the years (since my anxiety first started in university) I have tried several different treatment types, and while some have worked, I do still suffer with bad anxiety. People with anxiety have to learn that the flawed thoughts aren’t true, so I guess I should really try that out!

In this post I want to talk about the ways in which I plan to use exposure methods to counter my flawed beliefs! Now don’t panic, I don’t mean exposure in any sordid sense of the word, exposure treatment simply means that you deliberately place yourself in the situation causing you anxiety.

The aim is to do at least one exposure a week, and because I like sharing things and I want to help anyone that is in a similar situation, I will be telling you about these over the coming weeks!

I envision that this series could be a “rolling” series but for now I will just talk about the one’s I intend to do for now.

I hope this helps someone! Let me know!

  1. Spend several hours campaigning
  2. Attend a one on one meeting with someone!

(Just two this week!)

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